Drawing and Photo-Collage Project

Dr. Marcelo Lima – Figure Drawing, Fall 2007

A series of drawings based on photo-collages. The project is inspired by the photo-collages of David Hockney, but also by the still-life paintings of Cezanne. The goal is to explore “stereoscopic” effects in a two-dimensional plane by overlapping, contrasting and complementing different points of view in one composition. The photos are taken from the model in class and arranged as an actual collage of prints or using Photoshop as a “sketching” and composition tool.

Things to consider or to look for:

- A three-dimensional sense and effect of volume in space created on the picture plane by taking into account minor or major variations of point of view among the shots.

- The figure within its spatial environment.

- The compositional possibilities of a regular and an irregular grid.

- Interactions between shallow and deep space and spatial signs or cues.

- Use of frontal shots of all the areas of the complete composition: pictorial elements are seen as parallel to the picture plane.

- Surface qualities and tones:both photographically and manually produce.

- Forms, shapes, negative spaces.

- Light and color (tone) contrasts.

- Relation to the viewer.

The objective is to translate the photo-collage into a drawing, not simply to copy it.

students' works:

Muna Mohammad

Madiha Muzaffar