Color Theory Reference Sketchbook Project 1


COLOR TERMS AND CONCEPTS:‭ A Reference Sketchbook/ Color Theory Notebook

Your task is to give‭ ‬brief‭ ‬definitions of the following terms (as presented in chapter‭ ‬2‭ ‬of Hornung´s book, or equivalent source) and create the‭ ‬corresponding illustrations (as applicable), to produce your own hand made illustrated book of basic color theory.‭
Use an A4‭ ‬or similar size hard-bound sketchbook with watercolor type paper. Start by writing the definitions and sketching the lay-out of your page or pages‭ ‬and illustrations before proceeding to the final work with gouache on the sketchbook. Consider size,‭ ‬placement of elements,‭ ‬overall design of the page,‭ ‬clarity and flow of written and visual information,‭ ‬etc.
Your sketchbook on color theory will be used also as a color mixture samples and color combinations samples and exercises reference book.‭

1.‭ ‬Spectrum / Spectral Color
2.‭ ‬Additive Color Process
3.‭ ‬Subtractive Color Process
4.‭ ‬Color Wheel
5.‭ ‬Primary Triad
6.‭ ‬Complementary Hues
7.‭ Analogous Hues
8.‭ ‬Saturation
9.‭ ‬Value
10.‭ ‬Overtone‭ ‬/‭ ‬Color bias
11.‭ ‬Secondary Triad
12.‭ ‬Co-primary Triad
13.‭ ‬Earth Tone Primary Triad

reference for concepts:
Hornung, David: Colour - A workshop for artists and designers, London: Lawrence King, 2005

Example of color reference sketch book:

image source: